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Nigeria has lost a trove of mental excellence. He was the only Nigerian in the Ethopian airline crash from Enthopia to Kenya which killed all 157 passengers. May God rest his soul. The picture below was his last post.


He was a professor of English at Carlton University, was also a columnist was among the 157 people who died in the Ethiopian Airline crash. He hailed from Isanlu, in Kogi State.

The boing 737-8 MAX plane was new and delivered to the airline in November. The last maintenance was on February 4 and has flown just 1200 hours. The Airline is one of the best-managed airline in Africa and Africa’s largest carrier. Addis Ababa to Nairobi route links East Africa to two largest Economic powers.

The plane was said to have crashed 6 minutes after take-off at Hejere, near Bishoftu about 50 km from Addis Ababa on its way to Kenya around 8.44am.

The plane had showed some unstable vertical speed after take-off which the pilot reported and was asked to return.

The pilot was an experience pilot who joined the airline in 2010.

The last known deadly crash of the airline was in 2010 with 90 people on board which crashed minutes after take-off from Beirut.

May Pius Adesanmi and all those who lost their lives in the unfortunate incident rest in peace.

source: WLTX.COM

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