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Omoluabi ti bo so wo aiye! alright now, this man says ladies should also have contingency boyfriends in order not to sink down to depression or be heartbroken when a relationship fails. However, he says that the relationship should be platonic while the assumption is that the man can sleep with his contingencies!

Do i not sense chauvinism somewhere even though it makes worldly sense?

Aha, both contingencies should be platonic…equipoise!

Maybe married couples should also have contingencies too especially women who had suffered emotional and physical kinds of abuse? hahaha! i see someone trying to throw an uppercut. The prudish women and the Chauvinist men would like to call me names.

Abeg free me. i am definitely making sense. Having a contingency would reset, reformat and reform the brains of some men who think the world revolves around them. If they refuse to allow the word of God rein them then worldly sense would reset their brain.

Jesus is coming soon.

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