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You succeed in your chosen career when you allow aspiration and zeal be your guiding principle. When the benevolent God gives you direction do it with enthusiasm.

Success is not magic nor miracle, it is hard work, passion, fervor, it ardor, a keenness to succeed and be exclusive. This is what I have observed with this bravura unique hamper Boss, with exceptional lady with terrific innovations into the hamper business, little wonder her hampers have become a most sought after by those who love taste and class.

I bet not a handful of people think hamper is all about cornflakes and biscuits in woven baskets. This brilliant lady has created a brand through style and uniqueness.

For one she never did the traditional basket hampers. She knew she was in a competitive business and dared to be different from the outset.

For her Christmas hamper is not just business but a creative ability to make an impression. To be outstanding. To be exceptional.

Yetunde is not active on face book, she is neither on twitter or Instagram to advertise her hampers but her competence and remarkable creativity makes her unrivalled making her hamper THE HAMPER.

Every year she jets out to several countries to source for distinctive items she would need for her hampers in December. Her exclusive items are sourced from January to November. She explores from continent to continent, countries to countries, attending fairs in cities for those exclusive items many people would pay no attention to. This is because she never repeats items that is why she stands out.

Her clienteles spread across Nigeria because of the grandeur of display and first rate contents.

Yetunde Adebija hates publicity, the modest and unassuming lady she avoids it like a plague. She noiselessly goes about her business without attracting undue attention to herself.

A graduate of mass communication from the University of Lagos, she went into private business right after graduating because her husband talked her into business when he saw the immense abilities in her. He also wanted a wife whose career would be flexible to be available to the children and not be at the malevolence of house helps.


Yetunde Adebija, nee Oshodi, was born of ijebu father and an Igbo mother from Anambra state. She is the wife of Gbenga X Adebija, the quintessential PR guru, motivational speaker and the Director General of Nigerian German Business Association is a mother of three amazing children.


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