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I found this very inspiring from the Facebook page of Moses Olayinka Ayodele which he tagged suicide is not an option.

He lost his first admission in OOU in 2012 because he could not afford the 30k acceptance fees.

He wrote JAMB three times but got to study on part time basis in MAPOLY for National Diploma.

He resumed school with a pair of trousers, jeans, one Arsenal Jersey and two polo shirts without knowing anybody

He trekked from Kuto daily to MAPOLY TO ATTEND LECTURES.

Paid school fees on the last day of Portal closure with no hope of returning for HND after the ND program.

Sold his phones to complete payment for Advertisement practical’s and Jamb regularization in HND 1

Rose to become the Departmental President because a close friend contributed financially to support his dream, despite that it was a very difficult year for him in school.

He had only 2k when he got his call up letter to Yobe State.

He is glad he would be rounding up in two months’ time.

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