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He is the best gift any woman can get. He is grown up, mature man regardless of his age.

He is done playing games and ready to commit to one woman and be faithful to her. he would be responsible, trustworthy, love you and all that concerns you and you will know it in your heart. He would be sensitive to your needs and would listen when you are upset. He adores you, supports you and bring out the best in you. He would be consistent and his words would match his actions.

Good men do not make promises they make commitments. You will be his best friend, his confidant. You will not have to fight or beg for his attention. He would laugh with you and cry with you. He would focus on you r future and not complain about your past.

When there is conflict, he would listen with compassion. If you were upset with him, he would work hard to understand why. He would carry you along with his plans. If you disagree with him, he would listen to your point of view. He would trust without doubt and would give when most needed. Although he may not have a lot, he would be happy to share the little he has.

Most women think good men are difficult to find, the truth is there are millions of good men out there. Where are the good men? They are standing right behind the boys, players and the confused man. You just have to clear away those ones first so you can see them. You cannot date or marry a boy, a player, a confused man and expect a treatment of a Goodman.

Boys, players and confused man can become good men if they want to mature.


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