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Relationships..The MAN as a PLAYER

IT IS BETTER TO BE SINGLE THAN DATE A PLAYER because no matter the effort you invest in a relationship with a Player, it most likely ends in HEARTBREAK.

A PLAYER is SMART, SELFISH AND INCONSIDERATE and usually does not stay faithful to one woman.

Most women fall for players because they appear attractive and presentable.

PLAYERS have something extraordinary about them. He can be RICH, TALL, ROMANTIC, TALENTED, GOOD IN BED and possess many qualities that a woman wants in a guy. He would sweep you out of your feet at the beginning and make you believe you are the luckiest woman alive.

He would tell you what you love to hear and show you what you love to see. He would make you unbelievable promises; he would get into your head through your heart and take control of your thinking.

He would spend any amount of money and effort to take you to bed and after accomplishing his mission, the story changes.

Any attention and affection you get from a player can be temporary. The first problem you will encounter with him is that his words will begin to contradict his actions, and then his behavior and timing would change drastically. You will start wondering where you did wrong. IT IS NOT YOU BUT ITS HIM.

A player‘s time is very limited because there are a lot of women to share it with.

It is hard to win a game with a player unless she (a lady) is materialistic, never dates or marries for love.

PLAYER’s heart has no space for love; he would marry a potential victim for selfish reasons or benefits and continue his game after marriage. He would tell terrific stories about his innocent wife just to get another woman to bed.


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