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My brother the priest was once a parish priest in Isanlu for 7years. He knew Mama Adesanmi; she was one of his Parishioners. Today, he took the tortuous route to Isanlu to visit the distraught Mama. Kabba to Aiyetoro is relatively good road but to Isanlu, it is like passing through the valley of shadow of death. He said Mama Adesanmi seemed lost and in a state of shocked.

We all are shocked and grief-stricken but our grief can’t ever be compared to Mama Adesanmi’s anguish. As we are grieving the loss of Mama Adesanmi’s son, let us also spare a thought for the devastated mother. We owe her a visit; we owe her our love, we owe her our shoulders to lean on, we must comfort her with soothing words to lift her spirit from grief that her son did not die in vain. We should tell her that her son Pius spent the currency of Relationship through his investment in people in the world he lived and the lives he touched through series of compiling achievements.

Please visit mama and family to blow away the cobwebs of grief, do not mourn her son on social media alone.

Mayowa Michael Adeleye wrote:

“He was never a Governor or a Senator, but If death would let us bargain, Nigerians would have stresslessly offered 80 members of house of Representatives, 50 Senators, 20 governors and 100,000 Political thugs in exchange of one young professor Adesanmi just for us to keep him with us’’

The outpouring of grief for you Pius is like how the world mourned at Princess Diana’s demise. May you Pius Adesanmi rest in peace.

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