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So I went down on my knees to have fellowship with my maker, the one whose spirit wonderfully created me in his marvelous image. My light reactive sense caught an annoying mosquito hovering around the head lying next to me. I tried to ignore it but my maternal reflex frayed just watching it.  A voice told me to ignore it after all in deep slumber we are susceptible to dangers floating around and God watches over us. But my mental strain was stirring for a kill; I could not keep still just watching the mosquito. It was a huge irritating distraction and so I jumped up on my feet braced myself to deal with the felonious mosquito. Just when I got there to launch my projectiles it disappeared!

I shook the curtains; I looked under, above and corners of the room but could not find it!

I went back on my knees, this time it found my ears to gleefully announce its return. By reflex, I slapped myself in the process of thwacking the mosquito. I was further enraged. I psyched myself to ignore it. It was a tremendous effort to stay calm through with my prayers. Obviously, I felt dissatisfied with my prayers. Suddenly it dawn on me, that sometimes we allow insignificant and little things place premium in our lives through distractions.

If I shut my eyes while praying I would not see the irritating and distracting mosquito in the first instance. Sometimes we have to spiritually, emotionally and psychologically block insignificant things, out of our lives to avoid distractions from our vision or reaching our our goal.

God alone remains God.


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