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Your brain goes numb when you stop learning. One of the lessons I have learnt recently out of textbook context is to be unique or exceptional. Christmas period, my sister-in-law makes hampers. A business that is over ten years, each year she keeps upping her forte. Even though Christmas is over and many hamper makers have delivered and are on holiday, she worked right into the New Year until two days ago. This is because her hampers are in hot demand. Her clients over the years keep coming back. When she could not meet the scheduled time of delivery because her boxes were delayed at the port and wanted to cancel orders, her clients refused. They insisted on waiting, wait indeed they did that was why she had to work a week into New Year.

I found out that her selling point is uniqueness apart from grace of God. Each year she improves on the previous one. Right now, she has travelled out to source for what she would need to create an impressive hamper in December 2019. She is not on Facebook nor Instagram but she loads trailers of hampers within Lagos and even Abuja because of her outstanding packaging. Words of mouth are her referral, the catchy boxes advertises her. The excellent packaging magnetizes prospective clients. Even when she was sourcing locally, she had an impressive package refusing to use baskets but beautiful designed cardboard boxes. From there, she moved to boxes. Many people are doing boxes but her boxes are distinctive. Every year, the boxes come in new patterns and designs. Her contents are rich, so rich. That is why she is a prime choice among her clients and competitors.

This year, try to be unique, carve your own style, be consistent and follow your dream. Do not be a tailor, a baker or hamper supplier but be THE tailor, THE baker or THE hamper supplier. Be a step ahead of your competitors.

Do not drive a shade too fast. Drive with care.

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