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Marriage is more than the analytical product of passion, it is contractual union, and it is teamwork. It is not master – slave relationship. Men stop thinking the woman is your slave or property. She is not inferior to you she is your half.

The bible says 1+ 1 is 1 not 1 ½ plus ½ is one. Stop thinking the woman has to do it alone. You cannot carry a delicate or treasured object sloppily with one hand, you must use your two hands to delicately protect it. Mothers teach your sons the right principles of marriage.

Teach them to treasure their sisters, teach them to understand that they are not superior to their sisters. Let them be deep-rooted in the ethics of reciprocity.

Teach them respect is not contended on the codes of violence, when they grow up they would value their wives not suppress them with preconceptions.

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