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Some people say rape did not start with Ochanya, but this is probably the first time we got a dim view of gory details of rape. Justice would not be complete for Ochanya without slamming the cuffs on the wrists of her aunt and her daughters. I find it difficult to accept the fact that Mrs. Rapist cum mama rapist was not aware of the objectionable frequencies in her house. Probably shielding despicable son and protecting her detestable dreary abominable disgraceful marriage. I feel like carving her into pieces and throwing her contemptible abstract pieces to the dogs.

Ochanya’s sickness or VVF could not have been sudden that took her life within a snap of the fingers. She must have complained at a certain time that she was ill. She must have started leaking urine and waste long before taken to the hospital because of shredded innards. What did the aunt do before now? Wrapped in her world devoid of any shred of empathy I presume. Why didn’t her female cousins protect her? I presume also wrapped in their perverted love of protecting their depraved brother and debauched father.

Mothers’ union of the church of merciless Mrs. rapist should please ask her cogent questions for her conspired silence. Her village people should grill her for connived negligence. We want answers from her and her daughters.

This evil would not stop if we do not hold wives of pedophiles accountable for schemed silence or unspontaneous response to victims because they want to keep their marriage. This is where our input is utmost. Lending our voice to victims of rape by demanding ‘’SPEAKING OUT’’. Enlightenment programs in schools, churches and mosques is an ultimate initiative.

Our first ladies offices should please create a social welfare office where gruesome cases against women and children should be routed.

We beg our female politicians to have such projects in their constituencies. Let us encourage SPEAKING OUT when faced with issues like this. When we notice something let us SPEAK OUT let us be the voice for the helpless victims. Go to the police, look for a female police Officer, go to NAPTIP, Civil Defense; look for agencies or NGOs advocating the rights of women and children.

Please if you know any advocacy group drop their names and addresses for public consumption here. Let us rescue all the Ochanyas from pedophilia.

##justice for Ochanya is a must###








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