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 A call came in and she spoke for a while when she ended the call she turned to me.

“mummy, you see this person that called me now is begging to work under me but she doesn’t have money to pay me but I do not mind, not because I don’t want the money but because I pity her condition I just want to help her’’

I was fiddling with my fone, nodding to the music and I was half listening. She continued with her story anyway. She told me the caller was a returnee forced retired runs girls who was her mate in secondary school. The returnee started runs while in secondary school. She followed big men and the world was literarily at her feet. Men swarm around her like bees and she was very popular. She and her clique travelled everywhere with the big boys. The returnee even once owned and drove cars. She went from city to city, from Nigeria to Ghana and finally Europe. My attention was fully captured by now.

‘So why does she now want to work under you?  I asked

‘She is finished’ she told me. She lost everything. She can barely eat or buy cream for herself to look good anymore. She is no more marketable.”

Could it be that bad? Not even a boyfriend to give her money? I mussed.

 A young lady interjected ‘probably she has been used’ no matter what is acquired can grow wings and disappear. Used? There would be downward spiral in the person’s life.

She told me a little story while on campus.  A slay queen came back to their room wailing. What happened? After the sniveling subsided, she had no choice than to tell her friends what made her disconsolate. She told her friend that someone revealed a mystery to her that night. The man she bargained to go out with told her he would give her 50k if he uses a protection and 200k without protection. She agreed to 200k without protection.

 I was startled. What if the man has HIV? I asked. The girl laughed at my ignorance. She said some men go around with HIV test kits. They test the lady they want to sleep with right there before anything takes place.


So they effectuated the mission that brought them to the hotel and he handed her 50k. She queried why he reneged on the bargain. The man told her she was empty. How? She asked. He told her she is no longer Star-spangled. He confessed he wanted to use her Star but someone else has taken it. He just gave her 50k for her time. If she was in doubt, she could go for divination.

That also translates to downhill spiral in her life.

She told me her own story….. I looked her twice, you? that is for another day.

My eyes popped out!

 If you think these stories are fake, at your own risk. Mothers pull the ears of your daughters.

I don waka!


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