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BIPOLAR DISORDER is associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic high. It is quite different from depression Behavior and moods are extreme and can escalate until it is out of control. It is a behavior unlike the kind of behavior exhibited before. A brain disorder causes shifts in moods, energy or activities.

Bipolar is said to be in more women than are with men no known reasons.

Why am I talking about Bipolar? It may seem that we do not have Bipolar in Nigeria but there are reported cases in Nigeria.

When anything happens to anyone in our society, we are quick to attribute it to spiritual attack or law of retribution. The increasing rate of suicide or suicidal attempts is not always spiritual attack. Although in Africa, such incidents cannot be ruled out but seeking medical attention early can prevent total chaos in the end.

In the western world, majority of bipolar sufferers have gone on maniac high ending up shooting, killing, raping and causing destruction in their paths. In one Television documentary, a bipolar sufferer took a gun, went into a shopping Mall shot 17 people and wounded several people. It was a horrifying experience. One had walked into a school, shot little children and teachers.

Another Bipolar sufferer shot himself. He had been having mood swings but nobody thought it could lead to suicide.

Some signs to look out for in order to detect Bipolar is when: A person suddenly feels overly happy for a long period. A person is having a decreased need for sleep. A person is talking very fast. A feeling of impulsive and extreme restlessness. When a person is easily distracted, engages in risky behavior. For children, it is disruptive mood. A man suffering from bipolar one day went to pick his wife for a drive, suddenly he had mood swing, he simply locked the doors and began racing at high speed. He was definitely on suicide mission. He told his wife they needed to die together. He finally listened to his wife’s pleas crashing back to his senses just as suddenly as it started as if nothing happened.

When you notice someone around you has Bipolar disorder you are to call local emergency number. Be informed that you should not leave the victim alone but stay until help comes. Listen to his talks and ranting’s, do not judge, argue or yell at him it could escalate the problem.  Remove harmful objects like guns, knives, medication or dangerous objects for your safety, his safety and the safety of others.




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