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She was the 21st Ooni of Ife. She was the first and only female crowned as Ooni of Ife. She ascended the throne after Ooni Giesi the 20th Ooni who took over from Ooni Lumobi.

She was beautiful and sophisticated who took pride in her appearance and surrounding. Little wonder she was finicky about putting her feet on the ground.

She was greatly feared due to fear and dread she created in men. she was full of terror and greatly feared. She was reportedly said to be wicked and fussy. She did not walk on bare ground but on clay tiles. The tiles were unique and produced by offenders who baked the clays and break them into pieces with bare hands. They then laid them on the floor so she could walk on. Residue of the tiles are still in Ife and some Yoruba places she visited.

She rode erring men like horses. She did not spare those who offended her and a terror to lazy people.

Her reign was filled with terror and fear because of her highhandedness; the council of Obas decided never to make a female Ooni. The opportunity for female Ooni is lost forever.

SOURCE: sola bodurin, Naija blog.

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