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How do I describe this remarkable woman? I truly always have words refusing to flow through my head to my pen. I truly truly and truly sincerely lack words to compliment this great lady with unique charm so infectious it breaks boundaries.  I am struggling with cerebral calisthenics right now trying to figure out what to say, Nonetheless, I must say something. I hope I effectively capture the picture she represents.

Pat Emeordi the amazing lady who has attained the exalted position of Sector Commander of plateau State. My first glimpse of her were the times she drove through Adeyemo Akakpo street Omole Estate to negotiate the entrance to her street. It usually coincided with times I took a leisure walk to Oba Babington road to see the Paul Onches, I would wave but I doubted if she knew who was waving. All I saw was a lady in FRSC uniform and the spirit of kinship moving me to identify through my continuous waving.

I was told her name was Pat. Everyone appeared to know Pat. Everyone has a connection with Pat. My homeboy said she was his good friend and talked glowingly of Pat. Everyone has a good word to say about her. No one had an oppositional word to say about her so I formed my first impression.

Pat has a long list of VERY classifying her nature.  She is very hardworking and has little patience for laziness, very focused and diligent, very straightforward, does not bend or mince words, she places you in your proper position, you know where you stand with her, very loyal friend who stands by her friends, very practically down to earth, very sociable, very outgoing who is the life of everywhere she is, very warm it radiates her love, very hospitable, very maternal.

She says things the exact way they are without tinting. No streak of jealousy or envy running through her vein. You cannot be with her without respect leaping involuntarily in you because of her great personality. This is my dim view of this amazing woman. How can I not celebrate you?

Happy birthday wonderful and incredible woman, you are not perfect but you tower above even the respectable and virtuous ones.

A charming lady who wears her uniform like a second skin. So fitting, neat and exquisite. Elegant and graceful.  A lady with poise and charisma. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! May your strides continue to be genteel and gallant!

Corps Commander Pat Emeordi was born on May 14 1959. She attended Maria Gorretti secondary School Benin and the University of Lagos. She was the Unit Commander Otta, Deputy Commandant, FRSC training School, Udi in Enugu State before she was posted to Plateau State as the Sector Commander.

She is a wonderful mother, a supportive wife and a gallant officer of the Federal Road Safety Corps.


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