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The shroud of lethargy has descended heavily on my shoulder for weeks now. I have been so dispassionate and disconnected with so many things for a couple of days. All I wanted to do was curl up, cover myself with a duvet, and take a fancy flight to the land of fantasy. The weather is contributing to the lethargic mood.

This is the period I wish I could put back the clock and be a little girl again.

The occasion I need someone to pamper me endlessly like no one can ever do except the love from the heart of one’s own mother! Mothers are matchless.

I miss my mother. And it is Mother’s day again!

I think I need a holiday.

We all do need one when we stretch ourselves so much multitasking, even when you do not know that you need to slow down, your body surely sends out the signal.

No, I do not think I need a holiday. I just miss my mom.

Because my mom would have answers to my lethargy, she would have sent soothing words; she would have infinitesimal reasons why I should keep going.

Mothers are incomparable!

We can never stop celebrating mother’s day because mothers are irreplaceable!

I miss my mom. May the earth that covered your corporeal bones be soothing.

May the bosom of God gently caress your immortality as you rest peacefully with him.

Happy mothers day mum!

And to all the mothers in heaven!



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