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Can you imagine the audacity of this beggar? As I slowed down to wait patiently for other cars crawling at snail speed to drive out of the parking lot after service, a young man sauntered towards me to solicit for transport fare.

I drew his attention to the obvious fact that I was driving and therefore could not grant him his immediate request. Then, he suggested or demanded that he hopped into the car to take a ride with me to a spot where I would give him money. What impudence!

My brow rose a fraction as I gave him a cold and mean stare that spoke volumes including “Do I look stupid “  Do you think I would fall for your cheap trick?

Several days later, I bumped into this same tramp but there was no instant recognition.  He solicited for money, and I told him that I did not carry a purse. I actually forgot my purse and some items in the car while rushing to get into the church on time that morning.

Another person with a visible physical disorder walked up to me to beg for money. I expressively was not going to oblige him that day. I had a few times in the past dipped my hands in my pocket to hand over some little denomination as my token.  I noticed that almost everyone he approached turned him down as I drove off.

In contrition after several mental gymnastics, I drove back to look for him because he truly had genetic default reasons to beg. I beckoned to him to come over and I handed him my widow’s mite.

Like a bolt of lightning from the blues, this tramp appeared by my side to demand for his own money. In his own words, he said, “now that you have your purse, can I have the money?”  with an a commanding voice. Can you beat that? So brazen! So cheeky!

Anger rose up like bile inside me. His insolent behaviour was total aberration. I detested his deficiency in civil approach.

He was so deficit in manners and rude. you may wonder what I expected from a tramp, but he was so impudent that I gave him a look that said ‘scram! Ready to shout.’ He quickly scampered away.

Realization hit me as he scurried away that he had on a pair of jeans with blazers. This was not a normal beggar. He was a crook or villain. He just reduced himself to the beggarly state, I have a deep conviction that he is on a watch. Whichever name you want to call him, he is potential risk. Let us be extra vigilant this season.

Please also remember that RIGHT TO LIFE ON THE HIGHWAY IS NOT NEGOTIABLE! Drive carefully in this season.

Season’s greetings.

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