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When a man has OND fortune, when he goes go ga ga, drinking, smoking and sowing his wild oats all over the sheets of strange women, he renders the fervent prayers of his wife ineffective.

When the angel of prosperity sent to elevate him finds him in a compromising position that is contrary to the purpose of his target for a fulfilling life, the angel returns with the blessing.

Some men are supposed to be elevated from the Degree Prosperity to a PHD Prosperity but the angels sent on their assignment are not getting the corresponding reception, therefore the fervent prayers of their wives become ineffective.

Subsequently, they either become stagnant in life or slip down the ladder of success!

When he is visits with life’s vicissitudes, he turns around to blame other people except himself for his misfortunes. Most times impute is on the wife as the harbinger of the afflictions.

When asked why he prefers strange women to the soft comfort of his wife, he gives all those contemptuous excuses men give, that the wife has become sloppy, ugly, fat, naggy and a bitch.

When asked why he prefers drinking and smoking, he gives smirking answers like “my wife nags, my wife does not make me happy, and she is a lousy cook”

Some men would always have disparaging delusions to continue in folly.

Yet society and uninformed preachers would not make him realize the home truths but continue to soothe his ego by imputing blame on the wife, saying the wife has a lot to do, the wife should check herself, and the wife needs to pray more.

Women have done enough! Men should change because God fights for women.

If a man is not happy does it not occur to him that he is the architect of his unhappiness? When men sleep around and do hurtful things to their wives, do they expect wives to be happy? God is not the God of men alone; he is not that African god of obsolete traditions. He is the God of all. When Jacob hated Leah, Leah did not pray but God saw it and shut the womb of Racheal.

I say women have prayed enough, our God answers to covenant practices. Men should begin to change from chauvinistic, Neolithic traditions to align with the scripture. Men stop walking after the imagination of your hearts and after Baal, which your fathers have taught you. (it’s a man s world)

It is your fault… yet ye say wherefore? Because the LORD hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou has dealt treacherously, yet she is thy companion and the wife of thy youth. (malachi2:14)

Men if things are not working for you swallow your pride and apologize to your wives!

When you cheat, apologize to your wives!

Do not claim non-existing rights!

Treat her well!

When you give her peace, she would give you heaven in return!

Ask men who treat their wives right, men who do not twitch around dispensing their glory on the thighs of strange women but are walking in the covenant how blessed they are.


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