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How do I describe this incredible woman? How do I describe this extra ordinary woman? How do I describe this astonishing woman?

It is hard to imagine that this very simple woman is amazingly talented beyond your perception of her nature. Stunning, predictably friendly and so good natured you would not have a hunch you are interacting with a star!

I stumbled on one of her artwork I found so fascinating, even though art is abstract and beyond my comprehension. I cannot see Arts in my mind’s eye. My admiration is from the aesthetics and the instant appeal of visual beauty.

I was totally dumfounded when I went through her Biography. It left me speechless when I read her accomplishments, then I decided that even though she has been celebrated worldwide, she is worth drawing attention to, to be venerated over and over again.

As I said before, I do not pretend to understand that escapism called Arts but I appreciate the hand that holds the brush to create impressions.

I celebrate Chinze Ojobo, the lady who has had over 41 exhibitions with two solo Arts exhibitions in HOLLYWOOD. Dr Neal Baer who is one of the Executive Producer of the hit television series LAW AND ORDER (does it ring a bell) organized this with his wife Jeriie Smith and the exhibition was tagged CHINZE

CHINZE was also on exhibition at POUNDERKONE ART SPACE owned by movie star CCH Pounder, the lady who starred as a detective in the Television hit series LAW AND ORDER.

In 2003, due to her outstanding performance, she was acknowledged by the ministry of Arts and Culture, LA, California and awarded the prestigious O visa, exclusively preserved for people with exceptional talents.

In 2004, Chinze had 3 group exhibitions in HOLLYWOOD titled ALL STARS, organized by LIVING ART FOUNDATION.

In 2008, Chinze designed and built two Cinema halls for the National Film and video Censor Board. A similar job she had earlier carried out by building and Furnishing the 1st Telecommunication Museum in Nigeria at the National Communications Commission in 2006.

Other jobs she custom-built are, the Nigeria Ports Authority, Nigerian Television Authority, and Security and Exchange Commission.

In 2009, she made an incredible record of becoming the first Nigerian to have an exhibition at the famous BALABANOV HOUSE OF MESEUM, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

She was part of the HOLLYWOOD THEATRE GROUP Art exhibition tour of 40×40, a collection of artwork of 40 women who were 40 years old in 4 cities, which ran for a period of 6 months.

Chinze has travelled extensively which manifest in her ingenious works through absorbing and merging of culture and arts.

She has travelled widely to major cities of the world, which includes London, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Istanbul, and Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Juanjzou in China, Paris, Accra and Benin Republic.

Chinze’s incipient expression of art was at the very tender age of 3. Little wonder she crossed over from the sciences to trail the path of her dream as an Artist to study Fine Arts, specializing in painting. She has two Post Graduate Diplomas, one in Public Relations and Advertising, and the other in Business Administration. She also studied Interior designing in the United States.

Chinze is the CEO of CHESSBOARD INTERIOR AND GALLARIES in Abuja; she is a delightful mother of three charming Children and the attractive Wife of Tony Ojobo of National Communications Commission.


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