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Men with multiple partners are potential risks, how much more those who sleep with multiple girls without protection.

Some still do that in this age of flying diseases capable of destroying vital organs. Hum mm, those ones are walking disasters!

My dear ladies, please liberate your brains from hypnotic folly and be good at taming the activities of your southern border.

When your spouse loves those ´ITALIAN CONNECTIONS’, the RUNS GIRLS or whatever name they are called than the soft comfort of your body, block out that crazy desire that turns your body into boiling cauldron when he comes with his sneaky fingers in the night.

Do not let brainless people talk you into submission! They may tell you that it rains everywhere; you may lose your spouse. Do not make them make you feel inadequate or a failure! Do not swallow that codswallop! It is the indiscretion and the folly of not using the umbrella if a man MUST stand in the rain I am talking about! So be very smart about keeping yourself healthy!

It is better to lose him than to do a tango dance with him to the grave! If you must accept his offer, let him spill those slimy sewage of his in the protector you must insist he uses with you or keep his scum!

You have an obligation, and that obligation is towards being healthy and alive to take care of your children.

You have a dream and that dream does not include his untamed DICK TIGER with endemic erysipelas. It is for you to fulfill your destiny.

 You may say something must kill a man, die your own death and not another man’s death. Death is never sweet, not even when it is suffered for the highest deals (Eric Fromm)

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