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It is amazing how some parents mortgage the future of their children.
Reading my bible in the middle of the night, I came across the Prophet Isaiah forewarning King Hezekiah about the day the treasures of his house be carted away and his sons taken as eunuchs to the king of Babylon.
This revelation came on the heels of displaying the treasures of his house to the King of Babylon. (Often times we unknowingly bare our weaknesses to our adversaries, antagonists or competitors. It is just the clemencies of God that we are not preys unto our enemies).
Hezekiah’s selfish reply was that the word of God was good since he would have peace in his lifetime! The same Hezekiah was sick to death, he pleaded with God to spare his life after the prophet told him he should organize his affairs because he was going to die. The merciful God not only spared his life, but also added 15 years to his life!
King Hezekiah developed self- centered aphonia; he could not plead to God for his children and their generation not to be appropriated as slaves!
That is probably how some parents in their inordinate quest for wealth, position or earthly acquisitions pawn the destiny of their children and descendants. The children are left to suffer the consequences of the inappropriateness of the covenanters.
Scary stories flipped through my mind. A marriage counsellor told me about eight siblings in a family who all have one kid each and all are females! This is because the male children had been swapped for inordinate prosperity by their great great grandparents. The Wealth in terms of having the biggest farmlands and bountiful harvests. It is six generations now, there had been no male children. The female children often lose out when property was shared in succeeding generations because they do not produce heirs. Now the Christians amongst them are running from prayer mountain to mountain trying to break the jinx. They are from the tribe where male gender is esteemed above the female gender.
Another set of family jinxed with daughters who always have children out of wedlock or they would be barren when they venture into matrimony.
Another set of family has a jinx of dying less than a year of having a child. Their children replace them.
Another family has the jinx of the first child never prospering no matter how hard he or she tries. Probably until Jesus come because the wealth or star of the first child has been disproportionately transferred to the others by covenant.
While some covenants gets broken when the compassion of God is made available, some never ever gets broken because of the terms of the covenant shrouded in secrecy. Some covenants also never break because it is a deserved curse that even God is determined to uphold the punishment in favour of the aggrieved or righteous man because he is just Judge.
We should not be deceived by the corrupted gifts from the devil; the devil has no free gifts. When he gives you one seemingly beautiful package, he takes double from you.
When he cures headache, he gives ulcer and fever in return.

We need to be very mindful of what we do with our lives so we do not mortgage our future and that of our children’s destinies.

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