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I endured all the verbal abuse and contemptible disposition Henry’s mother exhibited towards me. I suffered her insupportable words, the various tactics Henry’s mother put up to upset me in the relationship.

Augusta was a constant encouragement and her support kept me going.

She rose up to my defense countless times.  She felt bad seeing the humiliation I persistently endured.

I should have listened to the inner voice whispering to my heart to give up and just run for dear life. Should I have walked away from the relationship? I was not in tune with rationality, my sense of judgment was cloudy for I was totally smitten with love and consumed with friendship obligation.

I kept my family in the dark over what I was enduring from Henry’s mother. I had the support of everyone in the family and that was okay by me so I thought. I prayed that she would change from her never-ending resentments towards me.

It seemed God heard my prayers because Henry’s mother finally conceded to the wishes of her children and me.

A date was set for the introduction and formal engagement. It was one of the happiest day of my life.

The ceremony scheduled for midmorning did not start as programmed until three hours later. Everyone sat and were getting restless with worry because Henry’s mother was yet to show up. Henry’s father and relatives who arrived earlier were visibly worried. Some of the items required for the engagement were in her possession. Finally, she arrived with her entourage without remorse nor apologies. With a sigh of relief from everyone, the ceremony kicked off. Everyone was elated; the ceremony went very well from then on. However, trouble started when Henry’s family was to present the engagement items and certain items were missing.

Henry’s mother did not have a penitent look on her face but one of indifference. My family was livid at the seemingly disrespect and disregard to tradition. They drew the attention of Henry and his father to this who were regretful and looked crestfallen. They apologized for the embarrassment, informed us that Henry’s mother was in possession of the items when they left earlier in other to get to the ceremony as scheduled. They were ready to get the necessary items before the end of the ceremony. How could the family forget such important things like the Bible, the ring and the Goat required for the engagement?

Augusta and Henry called my mother and stepfather aside to entreat them. Augusta on her knees beseeched them to allow the ceremony to go on and not threaten to call the engagement off because that action would be to their mother gleeful delight.  All these while, my heart was beating like a steel drum. I know how fiercely my stepfather upholds tradition because of his royal blood. At last, they agreed for they very impressed with Augusta’s chivalry.

During the engagement, Henry’s mother was grumpy, prissy and irascible. She was grouchy and made unconcealed efforts to prevent the engagement from being a success.

It was her deliberate efforts to upset me, making little efforts to see that the engagement went hitch free. Soon the engagement was over. We accomplished our aim but the fun was lost and the excitement evaporated from my heart.

After everyone had left, my concerned mother’s family summoned me to counsel me about going ahead with the marriage. They cautioned me against going into a marriage where a parent did not want me in the family. However, I was so blind with love, that I let caution walk away while I embraced naivety.  I pleaded with them to allow me follow my heart.  I told them in my childish views that she was only trying to test me. I should have dialogued with my legs after my family forewarned me.

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