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Mama Akanni flew in rage at maami agba to wrestle and claw her face but she didn’t bargain for what was coming. It was like holding a tiger by the tail. For the first time in their entire co-existence, a physical tussle with Mama Akanni would happen.  Maami agba had always avoided her like a plague. She only replied her on few occasions but most of the time had kept a dignifying silence while mama Akanni ranted and raved on during their numerous quarrels.

As Mama Akanni raised her hands to slap Maami agba, she yelled like a wounded dog as a sharp Mike Tyson like uppercut caused her to stagger against the tree with a rib cracking thud that made everyone wince. Maami agba went after her like a roaring lion. She lifted her from the tree as she was trying to gather her strength and hurled her like a rag doll across the open space and she landed with another thud. With tremendous strength and the agility of a jungle cat, she pounced on Mama Akanni and pounded her out of frustration for the years of torment caused by Mama Akanni. It was like Maami agba was on a mission to send Mama Akanni to hell.

Mama Akanni was at first stupefied with shock by the blows, shrieked afterwards like a wounded animal in fatal agony. Guttural shot sharp cries escaped her lips. Her children ran to rescue her, trying to fight maami Agba, but it seemed Maami Agba was possessed with a strange spirit that turned her into a gladiator ready for a kill as she warded off Akanni’s siblings like a wind tossing away of dry leaves in the harmattan.

The family members tried to separate the fight, but it seemed that Mohammed Ali was in the boxing ring with a feather weight boxer.  It was the day that the gods chose to demystify and ridicule Mama Akanni. Mama Akanni was beaten to such a pulp that she could hardly breathe. Except for the barely audible moans that escaped her lips like the grunting of a pig everyone thought she had dropped dead. It was the day everyone saw the fatal way Maami agba shredded Mama Akanni’s worth into pieces. The day that she was brought down from her Olympian heights and made to lick the dust, her cocky confidence forever shattered.

Mama Akanni had the good sense to allow herself to be hurriedly whisked out of the meeting, than rely on her insolent stubborn nature. She reeled in a daze, thoroughly battered with wobbly unstable legs, possibly wondering if it was the same Mama Agba that dealt her those agonizing punches or the pain came from a fallen tree.

There was an outburst of excitement as some sniggered at her, innuendos were rife, concealed surprise masked in knowing smiles out of fear of Akanni’s siblings lashing out in retaliation if they were caught with such expressions. It was a humbling experience for Mama Akanni who never saw it coming. The day she would be demystified and unmasked as a miserable coward.

But Maami agba was not through yet, she turned her attention on Olori ebi and dropped the bombshell!  The secret dalliance between him and Mama Akanni. She told the gathering that the seed of the unhappiness in the Thompsons household was planted by none other than Olori ebi the cultured schemer.

It was like stirring up old anger and pain as she revealed that the day olori ebi brought in mama akanni into the house instinct told her something wasn’t quite right about it. For months, she couldn’t wash away those dreary thoughts. She went searching for answers and this was what she found out……..

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