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Yes you can call me an Ombudsman if you like. When I read or hear all those ambiguous sermons about how to treat a man, I flip inside, those sermons bore me stiff!

I don’t understand the semantics of demi-god status allotted to men. Those sermons termed as ideal way to treat a man is prejudiced and demagoguery. Those chauvinistic compositions by men for men are utterly selfish.

I roll my eyes when I see the endorsement of those jaundiced sermons by silly women. Hell, No! How about a sermon or manual about how to treat a lady for a change!

This demigod status conferred on the man from cradle has made him selfish, feudal, autocratic, cocky, conceited and arrogant brutes. The demigod believes it is a man’s world and so could get away with infidelity. A huge percentage of marriages have broken up and relationships disolved because of this jaundiced notion.

When a marriage survives it is due to the fact that the woman is holding on, putting in so much efforts at making the boat (marriage) not to hit the iceberg with the men putting little or no efforts because he has been brainwashed that it is his world, he should rule as a fuedal lord.

So why wouldn’t marriages break or continue to break up due to this annoying fallacy? Men demand absolute right to infidelity and expect women to become nuns in return.

Why won’t marriages continue to break up when men are patted at the back for putting women on emotional and mental distress through their insatiable lust for anything that twist or strings of strange women they keep?

Why won’t marriages continue to break up when a man withdraws the cookies from his wife for weeks, months, or even years…two years, three years, five years and yet crawl into strange beds of lusts, diseases and destiny corrupters?

Why won’t marriages continue to break up when a man physically and emotionally abuses his wife and smiles stupidly when a dirty dumpster outside orders him around like a silly billy goat he is?

Why won’t marriages continue to break up when some men make their wives go through mental and emotional torture? A friend once told me that her spouse said he would so deal with her that she would end up committing suicide because he wished she would die!.

While we are shouting coarse against physical abuse or battery we are indirectly elevating and endorsing mental and emotional abuse. How can a daughter in law report a supposed infidelity to a mother in law and she was told accept it as it is a man’s world, it rains everywhere, live with it or leave if she can’t bear it. She would be accused of either not praying enough or that she pushed her husband out because she wasn’t smart enough nor would she give him the cookies. But it is acceptable for the man to withhold the cookies while she is told that that it is not food for a woman but it the air the man breathes!

While women become taciturn and berate their fellow women for rising up against such behavior from the menfolk they are endorsing the continued debasement of womanhood. As long as women sing in discondant tones, the men would continue to get away with their selfish acts. If a woman wants to accept trashy behavior please don’t shout down any other woman who seeks dignity!

Mothers should endeavour to teach their sons how to treat and respect ladies right from the cradle. The idea of encouraging our girls to become phagozytes in relationships through servanthood and servitude should be discarded.

The ‘boy is special’ syndrome is archaic and needs to be nipped in the bud and replaced by equality amongst siblings.

Teach the boy ability to profess and show emotions. Teach him to express himself and not bottle up or internalize emotions. He should not be afraid to display his emotions.That way he grows up with the ability to communicate physically and emotionally with a lady or his wife. A woman expects reciprocal love, the inability to display love could cause emotional torture for a woman that could lead to strains or break ups. A woman is not mind reader or magician to know the intents and thoughts of a man’s mind. Communication is a vital tool for a successful marriage.

Mothers should teach their boys to support, help and protect his sisters. He grows up taking that as a responsibility towards his wife in marriage.

When you continue to only chant litany of what should be the ideal way to worship the demigod in the ears of the girls without direct correspondence litany to the boys, it is then a wasted effort. How do you expect the virtuous woman to be in consonant with the mind of the uncultivated man? A virtuous woman would even lose that  steam of virtuosness in weary In the house of an expeditionary mental and emotional abuser. No matter how schooled she is In virtue, she would snap out of weary. It is a pointless subjugation!

Preachers have totally failed to see or preach about the oppressive subjection of women. Quite understandably 90% of preachers are men. They reason like men. Their spouses tow their paths. Again, quite understandably about the seemingly​ lack of empathy, perhaps they don’t go through what other women go through who are not married to preachers or men who fear God.

Preachers should let their teachings about relationships and marriages be equipoise. Preachings are always directed to women. While over flogging the virtuous woman’s role teach the husband of the virtuous woman to appreciate and value the sacrifices of the virtuous woman by not cheating or emotionally abusing her.

To those phagocytes who take in trash and shabby treatment from men please shut the hell up! Don’t put down or rile any woman who wants to be a demigoddess to the demigod and not a servant. A woman has the right to shield herself from unwanted rainfall! kemibijasblog


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